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The purchase of wardrobes will allow you to have available in the bedroom a useful space where you can put sheets, quilts and more. Are you considering how to organize or renovate the house with new wardrobes? First of all, the bed must be placed in the bedroom, to be chosen in fabric, with leather or nonch leather upholstery. In addition to the bed, which are flanked by the bedside tables, there is a wardrobe with hinged or sliding doors, as well as a walk-in wardrobe, always in quality materials. The bedroom, in addition to the classic furnishings such as bed and wardrobe, enriched with various accessories: a piece of furniture with drawers, a small armchair, a desk.

Six Line Line wardrobe by Orme


Among the types of wall-mounted wardrobes, this model of Orme Line wardrobe by Orme connotes the bedroom as you need. Technology and design, therefore, meet and Orme assures them both.

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Opera modern wardrobe by Orme


The modern-style wall wardrobes are placed in the bedroom, including this modern Opera di Orme wardrobe, combining aesthetic appeal and functionality. The Opera Orme modern wardrobe can be combined with a modern style bed.

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Flexi walk-in wardrobe by Orme


There are modern-style walk-in closets in the bedroom, such as this Flexi walk-in closet by Orme, which combines aesthetic content and functionality. Wardrobes are indispensable complements in any home.

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Inca di Orme hinged wardrobe


The Inca di Orme wooden swing door wardrobe fits well into a modern style sleeping area. The bedroom furniture includes, in addition to the bed, also the wardrobes, essential accessories.

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Solaris three doors wardrobe by Orme


Wardrobes are indispensable furnishings in any home. The wall cabinets in modern style are placed in the bedroom, including this three-door Solaris wardrobe by Orme, which combines aesthetics and practicality.

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Suite of Orme hinged wardrobe


Technology and aesthetic value, therefore, are both useful and Orme guarantees them both. The wall cabinets of our house are designed with care and dedication, since they will host us in time of relaxation.

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Art d'Orme six-door wardrobe


With the Six Door Wardrobe by Orme you will have the opportunity to elegantly furnish your bedroom in a modern style enhancing the shape and size of the room. The models we sell are furnishing items that promote rest and protect objects and clothes.

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Diago di Orme wardrobe with two doors


On the cabinets, we support the book before going to sleep and, if equipped with drawers, offer useful surface for ordering and storing. We will put the custom-made modern-style wardrobes in the sleeping area, including the Diago di Orme two-door wardrobe, which combines design and practicality.

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Naked walk-in closet by Orme


Among the modular models in modern style, this by Orme will add a touch of elegance and design to the room. In addition to the bed, the furnishings of the bedroom also include the Wardrobes, essential accessories.

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Reflex wall cabinet by Napol


Napol offers furniture for the wardrobes with which to decorate with taste the place dedicated to rest according to special needs. Durability and comfort: these are the ingredients that, together with a high aesthetic content, distinguish the wall cabinets in design style from the economic ones.

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Modern corner wardrobe of Napol

Corner walk-in closet

This wooden product symbol of solidity and elegance, as well as the remaining furniture of the Napol brand, always made of durable materials that last over the years. Among the modular models in modern style, this of Napol will add an accent of elegance and design to the room.

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Smusso three-door wardrobe by Napol


With the Smusso three-door wardrobe by Napol, you will be able to elegantly embellish your bedroom in a modern style, taking full advantage of the shape and size of the room. The models that we are selling are items of furniture that promote rest and host objects and our wardrobe.

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