modern lube kitchens

Modern kitchens

The layout of modern kitchens, angular or in line, the choice of the island, the appliances will clarify the aesthetics of the room. In your modern kitchens, great attention must be paid to the purchase of materials for worktops, which, while durable, must ensure a high level of resistance to use.

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doimo living room sofas


Corner lounges, linear, but also, for those who do not have so much space available, convertible sofas to the eventuality. The newer Salotti provide, for those who want it, also mechanisms to lower the backrest and advance the session.

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footprints wardrobes


In addition to the bed, which are flanked by the bedside tables, there is a wardrobe with hinged or sliding doors, as well as a walk-in wardrobe, always in quality materials. Are you considering how to organize or renovate the house with new wardrobes? Discover our offers!

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V and Nice beds


We will complete the beds with sheets and pillows, to make it an island of relaxation that welcomes us in the evening. If there is not much space available, space-saving beds are available: Convertible and foldaway beds, which during the day are made furnishings that can respond to diversified functions.

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Bedside tables


When buying bedside tables, consider the colors, shapes and dimensions of the furnishings that make up the room. The bedside tables have always been a pleasant decoration in the room: easy to insert, the bedside tables are coordinated with beds of classic taste or more current.

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astor doors


There are sliding interior doors, interior doors with hinged door, interior doors with book, flush doors. The rich offer of aesthetic possibilities also in terms of interior doors, gives us the opportunity to customize every door in every detail.

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adrian and red lamps


Nowadays, the lighting sector offers items that can meet every need. In the living room a floor lamp will enhance the area of u200bu200bthe upholstered furniture, while spotlights and lamps will help us to emphasize a painting.

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