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Bathroom furniture

L Arredo Bagno offers various suggestions for designing small bathrooms or with particular shapes, combining aesthetic content and practicality. The bathroom nowadays considered a room in the house to which devote the same attention with which the other rooms are designed. L Arredo Bagno includes bathroom furniture for the washbasin, mirrors, hanging columns, wall units and many bathroom accessories. The wide range of compositions for bathroom furniture satisfies the style and expectations of those who want to embellish the bathroom or change its furnishings. Currently, talking about a bathroom means taking care of a space dedicated to wellness, body care and wellness. Bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, bathtubs, toilets and bidets and bathroom accessories nowadays are designed combining the aesthetic aspect with technology and innovation.

Sky 177 wall hung bathroom cabinet by Arbi

Sky 177

Thanks to the wide range of furniture produced by Arbi, every bathroom becomes aesthetically appreciable and livable. Rich range of lines and colors ...

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Bathroom cabinet in oak and Arbi Street 24 lacquered

Street 24

With the Arbi branded typologies you will know how to get well-made and design furniture for the bathroom too. With the Arbi branded typologies you ...

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Linfa 04 design bathroom cabinet by Arbi

Linfa 04

The Linfa 04 design bathroom cabinet by Arbi in melamine embellishes the bathroom in a modern style with functionality and refinement. The bathroom ...

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Fusion 1 curved bathroom cabinet by Arbi

Fusion 1

The Fusion 1 bathroom furniture line Fusion Arbi in matt lacquer embellishes the bathroom in a modern style with functionality and style. L Arredo ...

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Alma 12 double basin bathroom cabinet by Arbi

Alma 12

In our exhibition center you will discover various proposals of Arbi's compositions to decorate the wellness environment. L Arredo Bagno presents ...

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Maison 7 classic bathroom cabinet by Arbi

Maison 7

Here we present the classic Maison 7 Arbi bathroom cabinet with wood finish that perfectly characterizes classic style rooms, safeguarding the ...

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Memo 1 modern bathroom cabinet by Arbi

Memo 1

In our showroom you will find various proposals of furnishing compositions signed by Arbi to customize the space of wellness. L Arredo Bagno offers ...

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Game 32 countertop bathroom cabinet by Arbi

Game 32

A wide range of design solutions and colors make the lines of Arbi modules recognizable. The Game 32 Arbi countertop bathroom cabinet in glossy ...

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Laundry cabinet Ho.Me Laundry 3 of Arbi

Ho.Me Laundry 3

Not only sanitary ware, but also accessories included in the Arbi bathroom concept. The proposals of the Arbi company include furnishing solutions ...

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Ryo suspended bathroom cabinet by Cerasa


A remarkable attention to detail, to always guarantee excellence, characterizes every Cerasa bathroom furniture collection. The Ryo suspended ...

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Design bathroom furniture by Cerasa


The proposals of the Cerasa brand include refined furnishing solutions, precious materials and refined lines. Not only ## sanitari ##, but also ...

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Joy double bathroom sink by Cerasa


Visit us to discover the Joy double bathroom vanity unit by Cerasa and the various models, we guarantee complete satisfaction with the finished ...

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