Lime Wash Comp 2 custom laundry cabinet by Azzurra

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  • Lime Wash Comp 2 custom laundry cabinet by Azzurra

Matt lacquered laundry cabinet and wood finish

The bathroom is the space aimed at wellness and must be carefully furnished. The colors, materials and modules that Azzurra presents for bathroom furniture allow you to better organize different contexts for elegance and square footage. Each project obtained with Azzurra Lime Wash Comp 2 custom-made laundry cabinet, characterized by complements and taps, always made of durable and resistant materials over the years. With a wide range of furnishing compositions from the Azzurra company you will have the possibility to organize the bathroom to the smallest details. Here we propose the Lime Wash Comp 2 made-to-measure laundry cabinet in Azzurra with a matt lacquered finish that optimally identifies rooms in a modern style, guaranteeing the practicality that we all require in this interior.

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