Equipped walls

Our Equipped Walls showroom

When we choose the sizes, finishes and shades for our Equipped Walls, it is necessary to ascertain which style idea to refer to and consider what functions the living area will perform. The living center is the fulcrum of domestic life, a place of conviviality and at the same time of daily relaxation, where you will often invite friends and relatives for pleasant evenings with friends, for parties and lunches. Since the living room is absolutely the place dedicated to activities such as relaxation, conviviality and work activities, it must be a beautiful space to look at, comfortable and equipped with functionality. Decide with us how to design the living room of your dreams: with our equipped walls of great charm, on the ground or suspended if not much space, you will optimize the available spaces by embellishing them. Showing or containing books and objects of all kinds is not the only task of the Equipped Walls, in fact they contribute to making the room beautiful according to a peculiar idea of style, which conforms to your expectations. Living rooms are the center of every home, therefore the choice of furniture to be placed inside them is important to ensure total livability, lots of comfort and great hospitality qualities.