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Wall equipped with backlit TV stand

In the Living area, the choice of a good example of equipped walls allows you to display or keep several objects in order, and decorates the environment. Organize the Stays simple, if you opt for the appropriate type of equipped walls, with which to organize the environment. Astor is one of the producers of equipped walls, which offers this example in a modern style, also available in glossy lacquer. It is possible to find many models of walls equipped on the market, with essential lines as well as the most sought-after design, as in the modular wall system Modern 3 living 3 by Astor. The furnishings, such as the equipped walls, allow you to keep the living in order. Modern modular 3 living 3 wall system by Astor, ideal for personalizing the modern-style rooms available and furnishing them to perfection. In the living rooms of our apartments are inserted different furniture, for example the equipped walls. This and the different solutions of Astor for the environment of our Living, will allow us to perfectly organize the Living in a modern style.

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