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  • Equipped wall in knotted oak and matt lacquered

Equipped wall in knotted oak and matt lacquered

The modern Living Room 1 Sky 2 wall system. Available in different materials and colors, the Astor equipped wall model furnishes the living area and gives it personality. You are so fond of the variants of wooden fitted walls, which, thanks to the wide range available, allow an authentic personalization of the living area. 0 1 by Astor is not lacking in a modern style interior, which allows you to furnish the room in a functional and elegant way. Among the different models of walls equipped with first choice materials, Astor has designed one that is careful to make the living area a comfortable space, with an eye to design. The wooden model of Astor equipped walls guarantees a perfect mix of functionality and refinement. If for you the modern style can not be missing in the furnishing of your living room, our suggestion to opt for the model of wooden equipped walls.

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