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Lighting helps to enhance an object or a space and create a special atmosphere. The best technologies in the lighting field allow a limited energy expenditure, for a comfortable and healthy habitus vivendi. When we select the light sources in our home, we must consider: size and shape of the rooms, functions that we perform, hours when the lamps are turned on during the day, shades and style of furniture and coverings. In the living room a floor lamp will enhance the area of u200bu200bthe upholstered furniture, while spotlights and lamps will help us to enhance a painting. In our home a leading role covers the lighting, which accompanies us in all the gestures that we do every day: it is always better to decide carefully which devices we will buy and how we will install them. A room in which the design of the light sources of first floor the kitchen: always better to prepare a chandelier for indirect lighting above the table, a light incorporated in the extractor hood and then spotlights fixed under furniture and shelves. Today the lighting market makes available proposals able to respond to any request.

Suspension lamp Degree by Adriani & Rossi


In the shop we guide you in designing Lighting and lights for your home. The suspension lamp Degree of Adriani & Red for metal exteriors embellish ...

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Gioconda table table lamp by Adriani & Rossi

Gioconda table

Lighting in our homes helps to make indirect light in a room or enhance a particular corner or object. With the proposals of our store managers in ...

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Lamp design Calia by Adriani & Rossi


Adriani & Rossi will win you over with proposals and compositions of high quality for your houses, result of research on finishes and technical ...

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Wall lamp Reflex by Adriani & Rossi


With the furniture proposals of the brand, such as the Reflex wall lamp by Adriani & Rossi in Elegance, you have the possibility to perfectly ...

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Rosi Gold suspension lamp by Adriani & Rossi

Rosy Gold

The lighting sector speaks a specific alphabet but also dialogues with the furnishings of the house. The lighting sector speaks a specific alphabet ...

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Table lamp Willer by Adriani & Rossi


The Adriani &Rossi luminaire emits a pleasant light and with its lines is naturally placed in different moods, especially those in modern style. ...

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Lucciola floor lamp by Adriani & Rossi


Lighting is a key element in furnishing environments, as it combines functionality and style. With his ideas for lighting, Adriani &Rossi signs ...

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Wall lamp Vanity by Adriani & Rossi


Lighting in our homes serves to diffuse light in a room or to emphasize a specific area or object. Lighting in our homes serves to diffuse light in a ...

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Aldrin suspension lamp by Rossini


Rossini's Aldrin pendant lamp in glass for interiors in our homes, able to create unique atmospheres with light. Lighting is an important component ...

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Amy design lamp by Rossini


Rossini's design lamp Amy in metal for interiors in our homes can create original atmospheres with light. Lighting is a fundamental element in ...

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Rossini Grip floor lamp


Rossini will win you over with top-quality proposals and compositions for your homes, the result of research into materials and technology. Rossini's ...

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Rossini Dag outdoor lamp


Rossini specializes in the lighting sector and offers the ideal lamps for your projects. Lighting is the fundamental element of each interior, as it ...

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