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The interior doors are characterized first of all according to the opening system. The interior doors have a prominent function: they separate the spaces and, if not open, ensure privacy. There are sliding interior doors, interior doors with hinged door, interior doors with book, flush doors. We will choose the interior doors combined with the type of walls and the mood of the furniture. In every home, the interior doors represent a structural element and enrich the aesthetics and design of the interiors. Today, the best brands in the Interior Doors sector guarantee a diverse range of materials, textures and colors. The rich offer of aesthetic possibilities also in terms of interior doors, gives us the opportunity to customize every door in every detail.

Atlantic sliding door by Astor


Discover the sliding furniture compositions in the shop, including the Atlantic sliding door by Astor. Astor's Atlantic sliding door is the ideal ...

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Next glass door by Astor


Astor's glass sliding door lines are characterized by the wide range of possible solutions in terms of finishes and aesthetics. The models we sell ...

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Clever swing door by Astor


The Clever knocker door from Astor made in Italy ensures the durability and design we demand for our furniture. The interior doors of the Astor brand ...

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Xila sliding door by Astor


The interior doors of the Astor brand are suitable for interior design projects. With the proposals available, including the Xyle sliding door by ...

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Glamorous glass door by Astor


The wide range of finishes and colors that Astor makes available for its furnishing solutions, makes them suitable for different spaces, therefore ...

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Door in Oak Flap by Astor


Astor affirms its authoritativeness in the production of interior doors with offers always one step ahead. Astor's proposal is not limited to being ...

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Bellows door Piana of Astor


Astor affirms its leadership in the field of interior doors with cutting-edge proposals. The Piana bellows door by Astor in wood combines aesthetic ...

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Sliding door Plaza of Astor


With a tireless search for new lines, decorations and techniques, Astor personalizes its interior doors, even those sliding in wood. Astor's proposal ...

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Tekno modern door by Astor


Duration and a certain style characterize the modern Tekno door of Astor. In our exhibition center you have the opportunity to buy models with hinged ...

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Kombi swing door by Astor


With the proposals available, including the Astor wooden swing door Astor, you have the opportunity to separate the interior of your home combining ...

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Signature door by Astor


Astor's proposal is not limited to being a structural element, but a piece of furniture for the home. Astor's two-door door Signature by Astor ...

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Line swing door by Astor


The models we sell are characterized by elegance and technology and find their place in contemporary homes, minimal chic, but also in classic taste. ...

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