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Bahia outdoor chair by Calligaris


The fixed chairs, like this proposal that finds its place in the modern style, furnish the dining room and the living room. Around the table we meet ...

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Anais dining chair by Calligaris


The proposal of Calligaris dining chairs in fabric will perfectly furnish the dining area or the living area of u200bu200byour home, with a good ...

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Rosemary classic chair by Calligaris


If you want to replace the pieces of furniture you own or evaluate furnishing solutions for the first time, we present the classic Rosemary chair by ...

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Igloo Soft upholstered chair by Calligaris

Igloo Soft

For the dining room, the Chairs are to be carefully evaluated so that the shape and the measurements are well suited to the room in which they are ...

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Duffy upholstered chair by Calligaris


High level and attention to details characterize the complete range of modern style Chairs of the Calligaris brand, made with precious materials. The ...

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Aida leather chair by Calligaris


belonging to the rich offer of dining chairs by Calligaris the leather model presented here: here you can buy one of the proposals of Dining chairs ...

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Amelia upholstered chair by Calligaris

Am lie

For us, the Chairs are indispensable pieces of furniture for the living room and kitchen of every style, so Calligaris presents several models. ...

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Annie leather chair by Calligaris


In the living room or in the kitchen, the fixed chairs are important elements that distinguish the mood and respond to an essential function. The ...

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Basil swivel chair by Calligaris


You can see in store the Basil swivel chair by Calligaris and all the modern style dining proposals, built with high quality materials that last over ...

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Colette chair by Calligaris


The proposal of wooden dining chairs by Calligaris will perfectly furnish your dining room or the living room of your home, with a certain style. The ...

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Fifties modern chair by Calligaris


The high quality chairs for modern or classic style homes are made by Calligaris and are available to us. If you want to renovate the furniture you ...

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Margot dining chair by Calligaris


For us, the chairs are essential furniture of the day and the kitchen environment of every style, for this reason Calligaris presents many models. ...

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